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Adium X

Adium X Adium X

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Adium X Publisher's Description

Adium X is a multiple protocol instant messaging client. This is a culmination of a year long rewrite of adium, which now utilizes libgaim (the core part of gaim) to connect to multiple protocols, and is also based on a new plugin architecture. Partial address book integration, cool looking tabs, multiple protocols for instant messaging, and a compact contact list are some of the many features of the new Adium X.

What's New in Version of Adium X

- Updated libpurple to 2.12.0 from 2.10.12, fixing a security issue that could lead to remote code execution (CVE 2017-2640)
- AIM: Updated AIM connectivity for continued AIM support. (#17093)
- Facebook Chat: Removed Facebook Chat service. Facebook no longer supports Adium's way of connecting (XMPP)
- MSN: Removed MSN service. Libpurple no longer supports it. See ?
- Yahoo: Removed Yahoo! service. Libpurple no longer supports it and it hasn't been working since 5 August 2016 as Yahoo has completely reimplemented their protocol. See ? This
- Fixed UI glitches in Adium’s preferences on OS X 10.10. (#16803)
- Twitter: Fixed a problem with signing in to Twitter and updating the timeline on OS X 10.10. (#16882)
- Bonjour: Fixed a crash upon file transfer completion. (Quentin Les) (#16038, #16182)
- Updated Adium's codesigning signature to a version trusted by Gatekeeper on 10.9.5+. (#16983)
- Fixed building Adium on macOS 10.11 and later. (#17093)
- Dropped support for 32bit Macs
- Updated documentation


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